39 Weeks and counting....

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1- This week we cancelled the c-section and scheduled the induction for Tuesday, May 22nd.

2- The hubby started his new job on Wednesday. We are still trying to figure out the logistics of his commute.

3- I am officially on maternity leave. Of course, I have found a way to make a schedule for my "free time".

  • Make the hubby lunch
  • Take the hubby to the train 
  • Have breakfast 
  • Nap or rest until 11am 
  • Shower and do something until dinner time
  • Pick up the hubby from the train 
  • Have dinner 
  • Rest or sleep
4- I am definitely going to have to learn to be more flexible when the little one arrives but, for now having a schedule makes things seem a little more normal. 

5- We are so lucky to have so many friends and family members who are excited to meet the baby. I just hope they don't all show up at once. 

6- Our pediatrician and OB both emailed to let me know that we should be wary of having people who have traveled out of the country near the baby because they could be carriers of various illnesses. Technically, they want us to wait until after the baby has had two month vaccines before allowing "travellers" near the little one. (Keep in mind my brother lives in Italy and my in-laws are traveling to Guatemala.)

7- I feel like we are as ready as we can be for the little ones arrival. It will be so nice to actually see him rather than just on the sonograms. 

Tuesday is the big day (assuming he doesn't make an appearance earlier)! Keep us in your prayers! 

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