38 Weeks 3 Days!

This week was my last week at work. It certainly will be strange on Monday when I don't have to go anywhere. Hopefully the little one will arrive shortly so, I'll have something to occupy my time. The hubby also finished his job today and will be moving on to his new job on Wednesday. I can't wait to have some time together! We never have vacation at the same time.

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants with friends from work. It will be strange not seeing them everyday. One of my friends made the hubby and the baby matching koala hats. I can't wait to see them wearing them. It will be so cute!

We rang in 38 weeks with additional testing on Tuesday night in the hospital. The baby decided to take a nap when the doctor wanted to see him move so they sent us to the hospital until he woke up and showed everyone just how happy he is. Generally speaking he is a very active baby except for about three hours at night when I guess "he gets all of his rest". The doctor kindly pointed out that our baby must be very stubborn because I was given a Coke with caffeine and a black and white cookie to wake the baby up and he wouldn't budge. Finally after 2 apple juices, an orange juice, and a ginger ale our little one decided it was time to show off. So, we headed home. I took Wednesday off but, the hubby went to work. 

On Thursday, my middle school students threw us a baby shower. They were so sweet. They decorated the blackboard and made cards and a signs. They all chipped in for several gifts, and gift card. I was so surprised! I know one of my coworkers took some photos so hopefully I get some copies. I am certainly going to miss my little ones at work. But, soon we'll have a little one of our own! 

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