What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 7

After some technical difficulties, here it is! 
What I Wore Sunday !

This Sunday was the First Sunday of Advent. We attended Mass at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington D.C. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL church!

Coat: Style &Co. Macy's
Sweater: Brown & Tan Striped, Boat Neck - Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt: Style & Co. Macy's
Shoes: (Hiding under the skirt) - Brown Hush Puppies

As always, I'm linking to Fine Linen & Purple!


  1. Oh that church is so beautiful! I'm sure it was quite an experience to attend Mass there.

    Your family is beautiful :-) Charlie suddenly looks so much more grown up in pictures now though! It's crazy!

  2. Love the stripes. Super cute! I'm a little jealous. I recently bought a shirt with stripes and my husband told me I looked like a referee the first time I wore it. I think he was kidding but now I am too paranoid to wear it!