Celebrating St. Nicholas Day!

As a kid, we never celebrated St. Nicholas Day however, I always thought it was neat when my neighbors would tell me about how they put their shoes out and there were treats in them the next morning. In my years as high school teacher, the German teacher always celebrated with her students. She would ask them to bring in an extra shoe and leave it in her classroom overnight. Of course, there would be treats in their shoes in the morning. (I worked in a small Lutheran school therefore, this was manageable.) This year since we have our little one I thought it would be fun to incorporate the celebration of feast days into our Advent observance this year.

      the example of St Nicholas,
      who fed the hungry,
      brought hope to the imprisoned,
      gave comfort to the lost,
      and taught the truth to all. 
May we strive to imitate him
      by putting you first in all we do. 
Give us the courage, love and strength
      of St Nicholas, so that, like him,
      we may serve you through loving
      our brothers and sisters.  Amen.

Shockingly, in the mail, Charlie received a letter from Santa himself!

It must have been dropped off when the other little treats were dropped off.

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