So, I didn't forget our little blog I have just been so overwhelmed by the end of school, news from friends, and family time that I haven't been able to update.

School is out for the summer! YAY! On Friday, the faculty and staff went to see Bad Teacher. It was HILARIOUS! We had a blast. The hubby and I cleaned out my old classrooms on Saturday and moved stuff into my new classroom. I get a SMARTboard next year! Woohoo! I've been working on curricula like crazy!

A dear friend of mine found out she had breast cancer. We've had a dinner party and went to some testing together. She is such a strong woman. She has decided that she will continue living as best as she can. Cancer just be something she has and will deal with as best she knows how. She rocks!

As you know, my one brother is headed to Rome as part of his studies for the priesthood. Another brother is now contemplating heading to the Marines. We are together out in Montauk for the week to spend some time together. We are so lucky!

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