7 Quick Takes Friday

It's Advent! It certainly seems to have snuck up upon us. I can't believe the second Sunday of Advent is this week and we don't even have our Advent wreath out. One of the reasons is simply because it got packed up last Christmas. Then we moved. Now, I have no idea which box it is in. 
So far, the only Christmas decorating I have done is put a few piney looking decorations on the wall and front door, put out a Christmas tablecloth, and placed a Poinsettia on the table. I LOVE to decorate for Christmas. This year the energy just isn't there. Hopefully, I'll get to it soon. 
We are gearing up for the arrival of our special Christmas visitor! I can't wait until December 20th. His arrival will be the best Christmas gift ever. 
A few weeks back I bought a scrapbook to help chronicle my pregnancy to fill with sonogram photos, cards, notes, and other random things. I have it all sitting on my craft table but, once again, haven't gotten to it yet. There seems to be a trend here. 
Apparently, the doctor won't be doing another sonogram until I go to the hospital for the 20 week sonogram on January 3rd. He used the Doppler thing and we heard the heartbeat. I love hearing our baby's heartbeat. According to the doctor, the baby was very active because he/she kept moving (which we could here on the Doppler). 
Real tree/fake tree?
That is the question.
I grew up with a real tree. While I was in college, my girlfriends and I had a fake tree which last year the hubby and I used. However, it is in my parents basement, super heavy, and difficult to assemble. I think it might just be easier to buy a live tree because it comes in one piece and all we have to do it take it off the top of the car and decorate it. 
This weekend we celebrate my father's birthday on the second, my hubby's birthday on the 3rd, and my grandmother's birthday in heaven on the second. It's kind of funny that my mom and I and my dad and dave have birthdays that are extremely close together. Love you dad and hubby! Happy Birthday! 


  1. I've never had a fake tree, my dad was always insistent that we had real trees, and even when I was in college, my brother sold Christmas trees for Boy Scouts and my parents would buy one for me and bring it over. I told my husband that I never want a fake tree! So, I say real tree (and I agree that they seem easier too - nothing to put together - although I don't have any experience with fake trees!).

  2. When I was little we used to alternate. We would use a fake tree one year and then a real tree the next. The real tree is nicer but sometimes doesn't cooperate in the stand or die :(