Thanksgiving 2011 and Baby Update

We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving it is actually a bit overwhelming when you sit down to make a list! This Thanksgiving we will be spending the holiday with the hubby's parents and then heading back to NY on Saturday to spend the day with my family. This is the first year that my brother will be spending Thanksgiving in Rome, Italy at the Pontifical North American College (aka the Vatican). We got to Skype with him for a little while before the rest of my family in NY called to talk to him.

Yesterday, my boss told the faculty and staff that Dave and I are expecting our first child. We announced it on Facebook. I guess it really is happening!

On Wednesday of last week, my good friend from high school gave birth to her sweet baby boy, James Henry. I got to spend sometime with them on Sunday. it was wonderful! He is just so tiny and cute!

Tonight, the hubby and I have a doctor's appointment so hopefully all goes well there and we'll have some new pictures to show you. I've been feel pretty good. Most of the morning sickness is gone however I still am definitely turned off by some foods that I wouldn't have batted an eye at before. We've started researching baby products using friends reviews, consumer reports, and other online sources. If anyone has advice regarding baby products, I'd gladly consider it! I'm finding it all overwhelming which is why I thought I would start early.

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