Off to Richmond, VA!

This past weekend we hit I-95 South to Richmond, VA. Our friend is in the Air Force and we haven't seen him since he left for basic training many, many weeks ago. Our Airman is the hubby's best friend. His girlfriend is my best friend. So, we had a fantastic weekend all together!
Carolyn and I shared the driving. The way there took about 10 hours and the way home was MUCH shorter (about 7 hours). We are already thinking about our next trip!

Being in "the South" was an interesting experience for us. On more than one occasion we ran into a "wait" at a restaurant, shockingly, the hostess has absolutely no idea how long we would have to wait for a table to become available. At our hotel, people were friendly and greeted us with a "Hi, How ya doin'?" bright and early in the morning.

We drove by our Airman's base. We weren't allowed on base as we got there too late to pick him up so, we weren't allowed to bring him back. He has to follow so many rules right now! I thought that would all end when he was done with basic training! We are eagerly awaiting his return to NY in the middle of May.

We didn't realize that we were down in VA during the 150th Anniversary of Emancipation. There were lots of free activities! We visited the Museum of the Confederacy and found a pocket watch that was given to a man with my maiden name. (One of the fun things about being "Down South" is finding the various connections to my family in museums and such.)
On Sunday, we made it to mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and then went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. It was an absolutely beautiful day. I even got a little bit of a sunburn! 

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