Holy Cow! Its April!

Where did the time go? March came and went. I met most of my goals for March including making it to the gym and cooking more frequently. Unfortunately, I STILL have not finished my book. During the month of March, I discovered Trader Joe's. I always knew it existed BUT I had never really shopped there. I have been enjoying their sale items. They have come in handy, particularly when looking for some healthy, inexpensive alternatives. Unfortunately, the month of March brought a leak to our happy home in Astoria. We are working on finding a new place. We have the OK from the management company to break our lease because of all of the craziness with the upstairs neighbors. So, NY-ers we are looking for 2+bedrooms, quiet, and dry! The hubby and I are both plugging away at work eagerly awaiting the Easter holiday! Last weekend, we spent the weekend with the hubby's parents in Maryland.We visited Savage Mill and enjoyed Mass at the Franciscan Monastery. It was nice to get away for a little while. It was nice to see flowers blooming!

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