Thai Kitchen 10 Minute Simmer Sauce - Panang Curry

Last night, I was on my own for dinner as the hubby had to work late. This gave me an opportunity to try something I wasn't sure he would like. In the past we have had Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle and Satay Sauce. We enjoy them both buy, can't find them in our local grocery store.

On my way home from the gym, I stopped by the food store and found this sauce. It was so good! I added steak, frozen green beans, and fresh mushrooms! (The steak and mushrooms were both on sale!) The fact that it was done in ten minutes was wonderful. One of my constant excuses for not cooking dinner at home is that, "I don't have time." This was quick, healthy, and homemade. I even had enough leftover for lunch!

I found that it tasted very mild. There was actually no spice or typical curry flavor. It was a nice sauce that added something to the meat and veggies. I definitely will remember this for future meals.

Added bonus? The hubby had some when he came come and liked it!

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