7 Quick Takes

I'm so glad Jen is feeling up to hosting 7 Quick Takes this week but, let's still keep her and her family in our prayers this week. 

I am so grateful for the tablet I received for Christmas because it has really helped me us my time more wisely. However, the only thing I can't get used to is blogging on it. I NEED a keyboard to blog. 

Baby Charlie has been sick with the icks this week. He's been throwing up a bit and had a low grade fever early in the week. We took him to the doctor but, unfortunately that was no help. So, with a little love from momma, the little guy is feeling better. 

He can now pull himself up on furniture, toys, coffee tables, etc. 

I guess I'd better start to baby proof. 

He still doesn't really crawl but, he'll get there eventually. 

As a result of the local yarn shop opening, I've been taking a few hours each week to sit, knit, and chit chat with the ladies down at the shop. This weekend I'll be going to an event called "Wine and Serpentine". It's a workshop where each participant is given a glass of wine and some Serpentine yarn to make a scarf or cowl. 
One of the best parts of my time at the yarn shop is that I get to enjoy a wonderful cup of *HOT* coffee. This is truly a rarity. Generally, I enjoy my coffee luke warm or cold only after attending to the little guy's needs. 


My youngest brother is headed to London tomorrow to begin his study abroad experience. He even has an internship with a financial company while he is over there. It should be awesome! 


On New Year's Day, I had a guest post up at CallHerHappy as part of Jenna's Celebrate Like a Catholic series. Why don't you go check it out? 


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out. I was so glad that you were able to post for me. It was great! If you ever need someone to post for you, let me know!

    Also, we put off child-proofing for Ellen because we thought we had time. I had no idea how fast they can figure out how to destroy!

  2. Yay! Another yarn fiend in Cathsorority!!!! (I crochet.)